BIG BEN, a UK based company, caters for the need of international clients wishing to pursue a business opportunity or purchase a property in the UK as part of a business/property acquisition strategy. Our aim is to ensure that the services provided are worth recommending.
In a nutshell, it includes:

• Finding a business, investment or property
• Offering a good follow on service.

Interestingly our UK domestic enquiry is growing despite the uncertain economic time mainly due to many great opportunities in buying at attractive prices and the shifting of emphasis of the UK Gov’t towards more private sector involvement.

By looking at your need or wish we can then offer a personalised service. Our growing network allows us to access some off the market deals (yes often below market value opportunities in business and property). We regularly get opportunities from those who want quick exit from their existing enterprises, portfolios, circumstances as well as distressed businesses. Hotels, pubs, nursing homes and restaurants are some examples of businesses for sale. You may well have some other specific businesses in mind in which case we could try find them.

In recent times, we were being given an opportunity to promote a region in South East England where it offers great incentives to businesses willing to set up operations there. Its strategic location, served by motorways, 1 hr from London through high speed rail link, international airport, highly skilled workforce and close proximity to Europe, amongst others can only mean one thing – vast opportunity for discerning business people.

On properties, the choice is wide – from a single property whether a commercial building or a residential to a portfolio of properties. Again some of these are off market deals. A low entry would be an apartment or a two bedroom house in East London, of preference, in the proximity of Stratford after the impact of the Olympics 2012. There are other good areas such as the Canary Wharf developments for the younger buyers looking for more modern facilities. In Central London, City of London as well as West London these are where the most desirable properties of London can be found. With the right budget you can own some of London’s smartest addresses of Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Mayfair or Kensington, arguably some of the most enviable postcodes in the world.

The current weak £ and market conditions have meant that it is a good time to buy into the UK. Local demand as well as overseas interest are making prices firmer in recent times. We have increasing enquiries from all parts of the world – from the Far East (like China), South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. We welcome corporations, high net-worth individuals, professionals, businessmen and even institutions such as charities, pension funds, investment funds looking for an investment to meet their requirement. We are confident we have something for everyone.

Because good deals on businesses and properties come and go quickly, it is almost impossible to update our website on the latest of what is available. So do contact us to let us know your requirement by writing to support@bigben.ws

Related to our core business, we may be able to assist you in accessing finance as a means to buy up businesses or properties. If required, we would also try to assist with access in other areas of complimenting expertise.